Who is Unhappy Person? (By Yosef Degefi)

From ancient times to the present days, people all over the world argue over the source, the ways and the meaning of real happiness or joy. For case in point, the following three very distinguished individuals in their beliefs and workings put forward the definition and the ways to real happiness. The Apostle Paul, the prominent teacher of Gospel of Jesus Christ in his message to the Philippians Christians states that, “Rejoice in the Lord Always” (Phil 4/4). For Paul as a devoted spiritual leader the real happiness would always and only come through rejoicing in Christ Jesus anytime, anywhere no matter what is happening to life. In other words, Paul’s message clearly depicts that the real contentment originates from the Lord through close relationship with God. King Solomon of the Bible says the following. “Then I commended entertainment, because a man has no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and to be joyous: for that shall abide with him of his labor the days of his life, which God gives him under the sun.” Eccl 8: 15…“For he shall not much remember the days of his life; because God answered him in the joy of his heart.” Eccl 5: 20 King Solomon believes that people can enjoy that comes through their hard work with trusting in the God.

On the other hand, Aristotle, the famous thinker and philosopher of the ancient Greece, defines happiness, “Happiness is prosperity combined with virtue”. According to Aristotle, wealth and high-merits of the human values are the only source of happiness. The third person is Bernard Show, a well-known contemporary writer, also talks over happiness and states the following. “We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it”. Bernard Show counts on that human being need to produce their own happiness more than they need to produce their own wealth. He considers that people have no more right to consume happiness without producing it, as they have no right to consume wealth without creating it. Show’s belief seems that, die hard to collect as much happiness as possible, in order to get satisfaction out of your blood and sweat.

Which man among these three is telling the truth, so that, we could follow their principles Paul, Aristotle or Bernard Show? Let’s first see how God created human beings. God created human with four major fundamentals of life, Body, Spirit, Mind, and Emotion. Bible discusses all these four components of life in unity but in different ways. Retaining slight knowledge of the functions of these components of human beings may give some hint to understand about their relationship in the producing of a real happiness or joy. The first thing is that, knowing all four constituents are interrelated. One cannot live without the other in any case as far as life goes on earth. The human physical body or the flesh is the temporary shell, shelter for the rest of the three components. The flesh is the visible body that demands visible primary needs for existence, such as, food, cloth, protection and the likes.  According to the Bible, the physical body starts and ends its life here on earth. For the Bible says, “From it you were taken for you are dust, and to the dust you shall return” Genesis 3:19

Second, the human Spirit, it is the hidden, the invisible, or the out of sight, but the eternal being of a human.  Spirit is supposed to be holy and has a heavenly destination. Since Spirit is an eternal creature, according to Bible, its ends is not here on earth, either it is in Hell or in Heaven. As human physical body needs food for survival, human Spirit also needs its own spiritual ration through the connection in prayer to its creator, God the Almighty. The quest we ask who we are? Why God creates us? Or what we are doing here on earth? And where our final destination would be? Is there life after death? Etc. all makes the first move from the spirit. One peculiar thing about the spirit is that because of the sinful nature of the fallen world, and our flesh, Spirit resists to please God, although it constantly striving for eternity. Thus, not our Physical body, but, the Spirit who has the leading influence in the temporary life of human being here on earth. Human Spirit is also the ultimate decision maker of its destination. The destination would be either eternal death or everlasting life. Thus, it is up to people to decide which is upright for them, for salivation is both a choice and a gift given to all people from God.

The third is the human Emotion; it is a human sensation, feeling to express love, hate, anger, happiness, fears, anxiety, and etc. For instance, a feeling about someone or something may have an outcome of agitation or disturbance through our emotion. Emotion should not be suppressed. If emotion is suppressed it brings doubt, hate rage, revenge, etc. with an ultimate outcome of an emotional disorder or sickness. As a result individuals has to express their feeling to get relief through communicating with God in prayer and confession and also by explicitly but honestly and respectfully talking to people. It is clear that, feeling good brings happiness while feeling bad take along unhappiness. Thus, it is wise to understand that, a good and a bad feeling always displays our distance in relationship with God and with people.

The fourth is the human Mind, it is the mental, the intellect, the conceptual, the perceptual that always tries to figure out the ‘how’ etc. quests, pursues, expedites etc. As Mind is always logical, rational and reasonable it mainly seek for knowledge, wisdom, insight, intelligence and thoughtfulness of the ‘why’ etc. search for the satisfaction of the livelihood. The more knowledge or wealth human increase the more the behavioral changes is. However, the more independence and thoughtfulness takes place, the more the outcome of pretending not seeking God while the spirit withers inside. What makes Mind different from Body is that, Mind has the power to control over the physical Body.


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